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Only 10 testers required to test our powerful WordPress anti hacking firewall tool

the author of the bad bot exterminator
the author of the bad bot exterminator
the author of the bad bot exterminator

Hi, I'm Dr. Peter Achutha, the developer of The Bad Bot Exterminator. This is a very effective anti hacking firewall for WordPress sites.

I began development in 2013 and made many improvements until this year 2019 and you can get it at https://drpeterscode.com/how-to-install-and-run-the-bad-bot-exterminator. This is equivalent to The Bad Bot Exterminator Pro version 1.18.

We have since made additional upgrades to the Pro version and would like a few of you to test it out for us. You will not have to pay anything for it and will be sent a free license to use this Pro version on your website.

Important Notes

1. Before you do anything please backup your database and your server directory and files. This is a precaution to save you a lot of trouble. If anything should go wrong you can recover by restoring form the backups.
2. Remember the Bad Bot Exterminator is a firewall, a separate program form WordPress and not a WordPress plugin. Do not install it as a plugin. Install it as a separate PHP program. Please go through the documentation first.
3.If you do not provide any feedback within 60 days of receiving your license, your license will be terminated and the program will stop working. Before this happens you will need to uninstall the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro, by UNLOCKING and STOP TRACKING visitors. If you forgot to uninstall the Bad Bot Pro, then just reinstall WordPress on your site to deactivate the Bad Bot Exterminator.
4.Please go through the documentation provided before your register as a tester:-
1. About the Bad Bot Exterminator
2. Frequently Asked Questions
3. Installation Documentation
3. dpaBadBotWp WordPress plugin helper for the Bad Bot Exterminator
5. If you have any security plugins on your WordPress blog, please deactivate them. Plugins that focus on attempted logins should not be a problem. It is the other plugins that search yours posts and WordPress scripts for alterations that make cause confilcts. If you can turn off checking WordPress scripts for alterations then you could keep these plugins active.
6.Please let us know about ease or difficulties your had. For example was the installation easy or did you find any difficulties. If you did let us know what server and os you were using. Did it block many bots? Do you need to block Russian or Chinese webcrawlers? What version of WordPress you are using. Which website was the Bad Bot Exterminator installed in? Did you find the visitor tracking and referral tracking useful. Was it good to know how many percent of your visitors were bots and not real humans? How effectve was it at protecting all your hardwork on your WordPress website ... etc.
7.For helping us you will be sent a free license to use the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro to protect your WordPress blog(s).
8.Please gives us your feedback and if you would like it we will mention your name as one of those who helped us. You must email us back to let us know that you want your name mentioned and if you want your website URL mentioned too.

So what are you waiting for?

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