Protect your WordPress website from hackers with the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro

The Best anti hacking software protection firewall for your WordPress websites

More than 2400 days in research, developement and testing since 2013. Extensively tested firewall that blocked hackers from USA, Canada, Germany, France, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and even China.

Ease of Use
Installation Installation: It is not complicated and does not need to be installed as part of your server Linux operating system. Just treat it as another program to be uploaded into your server. It is very easy to install and use. Upload the emailed .zip file into your server and unzip it. Then install the recommended plugins.
Technical Technical: You do not have to be a technical person and you do not need to know how to program. Just answer a few simple questions during setup.
Videos Videos: Help video available
Multiuser Multiuser: Yes, the Bad Bot exterminator can be used on multi user sites

Powerful Security and Anti Hacking Features
Lock Feature Lock Feature: You can lock up your WordPress site so that no one can log in. Brute force login hackers have failed after years of trying.
block hackers Block Hackers: Blocks all hackers to your WordPress website. It can also block unknown bots and hackers too. This means that those bots that will be developed in the future can be blocked too.
differentiates Differentiates
Real Visitors
Differentiate between real visitors and bots.
block by name Block by Name: Specify the name of the bot to be blocked
block by IP address Block by IP address: Many bots are cunning and that is why we block bad bots and hackers by an IP address or a range of IP addresses.
allow good bots Allow Good Bots: Yes, you can keep a white list of allowed good bots.
automated Automated: Every thing is automated for you and you do not have to do a thing. Just tell the Bad Bot Exterminator what type of website you are running and either take the default settings or customise it for your site.
DDos attakcs DDoS attacks: One of the best features is that the Bad Bot Exterminator is very effective against DDoS attacks. Most your visitors would not notice that your website is under a DoS or DDoS attack.
bot & proxies Bots & Proxies: Can now block bots and or proxies and or web crawlers.
cross scripting Cross scripting: Some types of cross scripting are blocked.
Visitor Stats Visitor Stats: Yes there are useful visitor statistics. You can see which of your web pages have the most visitors, by day, by month or for the whole year. That will give you an idea of what your visitors like.
referral stats Referral Stats: Yes there are referral statistics. If you are advertising and promoting your website on other sites or even Google Adwords, the referral statistics will show you who is bringing the most traffic to your site. The stats are shown by day, by month and for the whole year.
referral stats Security Levels: We have made it even easier to use with the Pro Version. There are 3 security levels :- Strict, Medium & Lenient. Strict and Medium levels are more stict on visitors but will only block bad bots for a day. The Lenient level is more lenient on visitors but keeps records of them and will block bad bots for 6 months or more.

Exciting new feature
Speed Testing
Speed Test Speed Test: It is wonderful, this new feature. You can now test the speed of your WordPress webpages. Amazing isn't it. This means you can pick and choose whether a particular theme or plugin is good for your website.

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