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Are you interested in earning extra income? We welcome you to join our affiliate program.

If you are a WordPress blogger with lots of experience using WordPress we would welcome you to help us promote our products. Not to be left out, others are welcome too but you may find it more difficult to explain how our products work or show the passion that comes from experience of using WordPress products.

That is why those who have WordPress blogging & marketing experience are strongly urged to join our affiliate program. All Internet marketers are welcome.

Affiliate Program Sign Up or Registration

You need to have purchased the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro before you can join as a affiliate. Please enter the PayPal transaction number, that was used to purchase the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro, in the "PayPal ID" field below.

Confirm you are a WordPress blogger by entering your WordPress website. We woud like to visit the site before approving your affiliate's registration.

There are 2 email fields. The first 'Correspondence Email' is for us to send you emails. The second 'PayPal Email' is your primary PayPal email address for payments to be sent too. If both are the same then fill both fields with the same address.

We would love to know where you are from. Do fill in the country and city fields as to where you live in.

Choose a strong password that will be used for you to login and check your status.

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