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Welcome to our WordPress affiliate program. I am glad that you are interested in joining our easy affiliate program.

It is a referral system which means you refer people to us and when they purchase any of our products you get a referral commission.

The commissions are quiet good.

Affiliate commission rate for our products

Our commission rate for affiliates is quite good. They follow the industry standard. Take a look at the figures below :-

ItemCodeTitlePrice US$Comm %Commission US$
1dpaBB0200Bad Bot Exterminator Pro$ 105.0050.00 %$ 52.50
2sfcwp0117SuperFast Cache WordPress plugin$ 5.0050.00 %$ 2.50
3ebPLOSebook: Mature Short Stories: Perfect Love and Other Stories$ 3.5040.00 %$ 1.40
4ebMSTFSMebook: My Secret Techniques to Forecast the Stock Market$ 19.9050.00 %$ 9.95
5ebMLDFHebook: Making Life Difficult For Hackers$ 3.5050.00 %$ 1.75

When commissions are paid out

As we have a 28 day money back gurantee for software products we need to provide the purchaser 28 days to change their mind and stop using or return the products. Only after this cooling period can we pay out your affiliate commissions.

For example if your friends buys the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro on the 28th of January 2018 he has 28 days to ask for a refund. That means he has until the 24th of February 2019 to stop using the product and claim a refund. On the 25th of February he is not entitled to any software refunds. Once the refund is issued the software license is terminated and the program will stop running.

As affiliate commissions are paid out on a monthly basis, you will receive your commissions the following month. In the example above it will be paid out by mid March.

Do note that there are no refunds for ebooks as they cannot be returned nor can they be blocked from being read at a later date.

Minimum Affiliate Commission Payout

From personal experience I know that some affiliate programs will not make payments if your commissions are less the US$100/-. This can cause considerable difficulties to some.

In our case the minimum pay out is when the commission is US$10/- or more. Commissions of less than US$10/- will be held back until its values increases to US$10/- or more. We have to set this value or else PayPal fees will eat into our & your margins.

PayPal charges US$0.30/- plus 2.9% of the amount you receive. So if the product prices is US$1.00/- with 50% commission we will only get US$0.70 (less PayPal's US$0.30/-) and of that US$0.50/- goes to you less another US$0.30/-. Which means that we get less than US$0.20/- and you get less than US$0.20/- from a US$1.00/- product if we deduct the 2.9% fee.

When can you join us as a affiliate marketer?

Let my explain my experience when I was baking cakes as a small business. Some years ago I was making cheesecakes, chocolate cakes and fruit cakes as a home baker. I was offerring a good commision for people to sell my cakes to their friends. Unfortunately, I found out that many buyers would claim that they had lots of friends who they could sell to, so they wanted the dealer price for their first purchase. After I sold them the cakes I never heard from them again.

The moral of the story is that you will need to purchase one product which is above US$35/- before you can join as a affiliate marketer. This means you need to purchase the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro first before you can join as a referrer. Furthemore, purchasing the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro would indicate that you are a WordPress blogger and you will experience using it. Having the experience using the product makes it very much easier to explain the product to your friends and help them install it on their WordPress blogs.

If you have any comments about our products, good or bad, please contact me.

How long will your friends be assigned to you as a referrer?

As you promote our products to your friends they will click on the referral link provied by you to visit our site. The link will have a parameter such as The 1543279933-1000 is the referrer's ID. Your ID will be different. We will set a small cookie, with your referrer's id, on their computer so that when they purchase one of our products the commission will be assigned to you.

Many affiliate programs set a cookie to indicate who was the first referrer to get a person interested in their products. Normally this cookie is set to last for 3 months. After that anyone else can bring the potential purchaser to the website.

You will be pleased to know that we will set the cookie to 4 months.

Develop your own webpages to promote our products

You can read through my web pages to get an idea as to what you need to tell your firends. Please do not copy my webpages word for word. If you do Google will rank your webpages lower then mine or ranked so low that it may be relocated to the 20th page in Google SERP results or further.

You cannot copy the images of spiders, cache chips, affiliate / referral system, spread the word, stop hackers, perfect love book cover, stock market movement as they have been purchased from They and their suppliers are the copyright holders - best to purchase from them too. As a referrer you can copy some of the charts to promote our products as we are the copyright holder. You may not use any of the images on this website for other purposes.

We have provided some standard size banners for you to use on your websites. You can check them out at referral banners.

If you want to promote my ebook "Perfect Love & Other Stories" we can provide you with a different cover for which we own the copyright.

If you decide you want to stop being our affiliate you will have to delete all our images from your websites and other places where you have placed them.

Limited Places

As these are new products the market is really huge. We have a limited number of referrer positions so please do join early. Register with us as an affiliate marketer and then get your affiliate marketing banner ads.

Regsiter with us and get your affiliate's ID.


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