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Visitor count can be improved with patience

I tell you my personal experience. I began blogging in 2009 or 2010 and my blog is The Bread Diaries at Originally, I had used the same domain name for a website on stock markets but due to the poor visitor count I had decided to convert the web site into a WordPress blog. I had thought of many topics to write about and finally decided to write about making bread. The idea behind that was that since I was a complete failure at making bread my bread experiments would be a good laugh.

No idea what or how to write

When I started to write about my bread experiments I had no idea, not a clue, about making bread or about blogging. I just wrote straight from the heart as long as it sounded humorous. I never thought anyone would be interested in failed cooking experiments. My visitor count was about 5 per day, of which most of them were my visits.

I was trudging along writing one to two articles per week as I did not have a job. There was plenty of time to experiment and write. I had not met anyone who was interested in making bread and my so called friends, would ask me "Are you crazy? What a waste of time. Go get a real job." That somehow sounded familiar.

Accidentally increasing visitor count

But slowly and surely my visitor count began to increase. I found out there were other search engines besides Google, Yahoo and Bing. Actually, I found out there are about 100 other search engines. They were picking up my articles and getting visitors to my site. Imagine that, in the early days, no body visited my site through Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Using an SEO plugin to improve your webpage contents

Sometime in 2011, I began to learn about SEO to improve my page ranking and visitor count. What was so important about visitor count? What was SEO? Of course, now I know SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and visitor count was important if you were going to monetize the blog. There are several different SEO optimisation plugins for WordPress. Try them and choose something that feels good for you. I used to use an SEO plugin but of recent, April 2016, I have stopped using any SEO plugin. So if you are reading this article from a Google or Bing or Yahoo search results it could be that I have intuitively using some form of SEO.

The basic rules are :-

  • Divide your article into paragrahps.
  • Let each paragraph have a title. Use heading tags, like h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 & h6 to show the importance of the paragraph in the HTML of your article.
  • Have keywords that are relevant to your article.
  • Use these keywords in your paragraph titles
  • Use the alt tag to describe your images preferable include a keyword in the description. This will tell the search engine what your image or picture is about.
  • Try to write atleast 700 words article so that it reflects that you have some degree of proficiency about your topic. Search engines love longer articles but do not make them too long or else your readers may get bored. And don't keep repeating yourselves.
  • Ensure that your webpages appear reasonably quick to the reader. This will improve your webpage ranking.
  • Have one or two backlinks to other sites that are related to your topic. This will indidcate you have done some research and not copied other people's articles. Google loves to see some back links in your article.
  • Have a backlink to one of your own webpages. This will indicate that there is some continuity and relevance in your articles.

The results were tremendous. The one thing you should realize about blogging is that you should not just focus on visitor counts alone, write good articles too.

Are you serious about blogging

If you are serious about blogging or feel strongly about a topic do have your own website and blog. If you use WordPress then you can use Daniel Tan's SEO techniques. I recommend them for improving your pagerank and increasing your visitor count.

What happened to my visitor count?

The chart below shows the historical visitor count since June 2012. I had lost the early visitor count as the blog was hosted on a different server which gave me many problems. Due to too many problems I moved the blog to my own hosting services.

chart of my blog visitor count

After two years of blogging I am getting about 1000 visitors per day. I noticed that if I stopped blogging for a month or two, my visitor count would drop during that period. That is understandable but it means that once you become a blogger you need to take it seriously, too. People will be expecting you to write informatively and are waiting for your next article. Don't let them down.

If you are using WordPress do checkout ways to improve your WordPress site in order to increase your visitor count.

This article How to increase the visitor count of your blog was written and researched by Peter Achutha, 7th January 2013

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