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Bad Bots and hackers are coming
- The Bad Bot Exterminator

The Bad Bot Exterminator Pro.

The Bad Bot Exterminator is one of the most powerful anti-hacking tools to protect your WordPress blogs. It took me more than 2,400 days to develop and test this protection for my WordPress website the Bread Diaries. To date, many hackers from Russia, USA, Canada, Germany, France, China, Turkey, Moldova, Ukraine and other countries have tried to hack my websites. The Bad Bot Exterminator blocks were so effective that my websites were still running during DDOS attacks. Nobody noticed that my WordPress websites were under attack.

Do note that the Bad Bot Exterminator is a firewall software and not a WordPress plugin. It is a standalone PHP program thata runs in parallel with WordPress.

What does the Bad Bot Exterminator do?

It protects WordPress sites from hackers, bad bots, bad web crawlers and spiders that are a nuisance. These crawlers can and will overload your servers. If the loading is too much, from my personal experience, your server support staff may ask you to upgrade your server hosting services to a more expensive hosting plan.

Worst still if the hackers finally attempt a DoS (Denial of Service) or DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. When that occurs your server shuts down due to the overloading and no one will be able to access and view your webpages.

You have absolutely no control over hackers

  • You cannot prevent hacker attacks. They will attack your site again and again.
  • You cannot tell the hacker when not to attack your website
  • You cannot specify in your robots.txt not to search through certain directories as this is a dead giveaway for hackers. They will check your robots.txt file to find the names of directories and then search through them.
  • You cannot depend on plugins to protect your WordPress websites. I trusted WordPress security plugins before 2013 and those plugins were not effective against numerous and constant attacks. The situation was so bad then that I myself could not view my own website.

With the Bad Bot Exterminator you have protection from hackers

So the most effective way to block hackers is to implement DDoS protection, brute force protection against WordPress hacker login attempts and other blocking techniques, is to use a firewall that blocks hacker attacks. The Bad Bot Exterminator appears to be the best WordPress hacker protection to date as it generates its own blacklist to block hacker ip addresses. This is a very effective way of protecting your WordPress blogs from unknown and known hackers in the world and even future hackers. All hackers are anonymous and many pretend to be Google, Bing and Yahoo bots and therefore it becomes imperative to distinguish between real search engine bots and fake hacker bots.

An introduction to the Bad Bot Exterminator, hacker protection software firewall

This video was made in 2016 and I have more upgrades since then.

Features of the Bad Bot Exterminator

The trend nowadays is to sell software on a yearly licensing fee basis. That is, every year you need to pay an annual fee. I am not doing this and only charging a one time license fee for the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro.

Never have to worry about hackers

"You will never again have to worry about hackers attacking your sites as they will be squashed out of existence from your websites."

Awstats showing 45,000 attacks in one day

"Did you know that 10% to 25% of your visitors are bad bots?"

And the situation is getting bad to worse everyday. I had one WordPress site hacked everyday since 2012. Because of the constant hacking and CPU overload, in 2013 our daily visitor counts dropped from 1200 per day to 200 per day . The hackers jammed our site so badly that no one could view it.

The hackers came from all over the world. They came from from USA, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Russia, China, Eastern Europe, Middle East, and many more countries. There was no let up. These hackers kept attacking and hacking continuously everyday without mercy, without shame, without a care in the world. These hackers only had evil intent. I tell you that even today they try to attack my sites. There was a point when I thought I had to close my websites for good and that was the moment I decided to strike back and hit hard. So I began to develop a PHP software firewall for all my websites.

The Best Way to attract Hackers

"I found out the hard way from real experience, how to attract bad bots and hackers."

1. Do you list your website in internet directories?
2. Is your website ranked well, atleast on page one or two of search engine results?
3. Do you issue Press Releases of your website articles?
4. Is your website heavily advertised?
5. Is your website is crawled by yandex and baidu web crawlers. If crawled by yandex then you will attract the East European and Russian hackers. If crawled by baidu then you will attract the Chinese Military hackers.

I bet you my last dollar that if you have done some of the above, that hackers are already at your doorstep. Hackers just want to destroy your websites before you can convert it into a good and profitable business.

There will be no escape from their pillaging raids. Each and every method you can think of to make your internet business a success has been turned into a tool to raid your websites. Have you done any of the methods mentioned above to improve your sales?

The best WordPress security tips and tricks: - Install the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro on your site. Just upload it into your server and unzip it and you are ready to go. Then install the other plugins. It is really that simple.

Hackers will overload your server CPU

"With the BadBot Exterminator, your website will never have a CPU overload ever again"

cpu usage shot to 53% by hacker attack

Above data shows how badly my site was hit by just one attacker. Now he is blocked too. He has tried several more times but was unable to affect my blog. That is because our anti DDoS protection algorithm kicks in when such attacks occur.

Really, hackers don't care if you loose money

My God, you wouldn't believe how many spiders, creepy crawlies & other bugs visit your sites and crawl over all the pages. These rascals are looking for money spinning ideas so that they can profit from your work before you do.

These guys pirate your articles. Your content then appears on other sites. They dont care at all whether you can profit from your articles. They take your hard work and let you watch them make money out of it.

What is worse is that many of them are searching for weaknesses on your website, to break in and hack your site. Don't under estimate how dangerous these web crawlers are because you will end up in a lot of difficulties if they manage to corrupt your site.

In February 2011 both my sites were hacked. My CS-Cart and WordPress sites were defaced, the homepages and all my files were corrupted. In 2013 my WordPress bread making blog was attacked and recovery was slow and painful. This WordPress site dropped from pagerank 4 & 1200 visitors per day to pagerank 2 & 200 visitors per day. All advertising offers stopped after that and I had to abandon any business opportunities. Two years later the site's pagerank has not recovered from this drop but I managed to improve visitor traffic to about 400 to 500 visitors per day.

Are hackers attacking your websites?

"I found out the Awstats statistics is unreliable and Webalizer statistics is difficult to make sense of."

In my need to figure out what was happening to my websites I turned to Awstats and Webalizer to try see what was happening to my sites and who were the attackers. It was the most miserable and confusing time for me as I had not known how useless these statistics were.

I found out that my web hosting provider kept editing the historical data & sometimes after a month all the data was reset to zero or filtered. Webalizer should show unfiltered data (as it is not supported anymore - which means it shows raw results, the truth) that is every visitor is counted. It does not matter whether they are a bot or a person and the data is supposed to be kept permanently.

I wonder how many other web hosting providers keep modify the visitor counts. You have to read the data while it is still fresh. Hosting providers do modify historical data and I guess it is to show people, unsuspecting web publishers, that theirs is the best service in town. Your site statistics that are more than 7 days to 6 weeks old could be misleading because the hosting provider could have filtered out the bot attacks.

Did you know that Awstats is supposed to filter out all good & bad bot, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, visits and show only 'people' visitors? So if you depend on Awstats you will never know whether bad bot hackers are attacking your site.

Do not depend on Awstats and Webalizer as this is the biggest mistake you can make.

The Bad Bot Exterminator is very very effective

"I was amazed because within 5 weeks 39 Bad Bots were squashed by The Bad Bot Exterminator"

Many unknown hackers and bad bots blocked automatically

We really did not know how many of our website visitors were really bad bots as there is no way to know the truth as they hide their name and origins. I didn't realize I had 39 bad bots hacking my site until I saw the automatically generated blacklist. Fortunately, our firewall software, The Bad Bot Exterminator, caught them and killed them off.

The Bad Bot Exterminator Defends agains DDoS attacks

"No WordPress security plugin can help you when you are under a DDoS attack"

block botnet ddos attack

You cannot prevent denial of service dos attacks as they are controlled by third parties who are outside your hosting services. Only a firewall protection software can defend your website when under attack. The Bad Bot Exterminator has built-in anti ddos features that protects your site. In the case above the denial of service attack occured for 9 straight days. On some days they attacked my website every 1 second. On other days they dropped the hacking rate to 1 every 4 seconds. The hackers failed dramatically! We won as the hackers could not block others visiting our site - our business carried on like normal!

Amazingly, I found out that my CPU usage during this DDoS attack , with the Bad Bot Exterminator protection, was a quarter, 1/4 or 25%, of the CPU usage without the Bad Bot Exterminator during the attack. That is probably why my server could not crash during the attack. This is the reason many WordPress security plugins are really not as effective.

The best WordPress hacker protection software firewall. Just upload it into your server and unzip it and you are ready to go. Then install the other plugins. It is really that simple.

Powerful Features of the Bad Bot Exterminator

The Bad Bot Exterminator has two very powerful features to protect your websites.

1. It will allow you to LOCK UP your WordPress website

2. It will TRACK all your visitors once tracking is enabled.

The LOCK feature allows your to LOCK UP your WordPress website. Once your website is LOCKED nobody can log into your website to corrupt, damage or edit posts and pages. TRACKING will you enable you to track and monitor and block hackers and bad bots. When you need to work on a post or page, use the Bad Bot Exterminator to UNLOCK your site and then log into your WordPress website.

Great price too

We love to price The Bad Bot Exterminator Pro, at more than U$300 and charge a yearly license fee. But since this is a new firewall software we are initially promoting at a much lower price for a one time license fee.

The Best anti hacking software protection for your WordPress websites

Ease of Use
Installation Installation: It is not complicated and does not need to be installed as part of your server Linux operating system. Just treat it as another program to be uploaded into your server. It is very easy to install and use. Upload the emailed .zip file into your server and unzip it. Then install the recommended plugins.
Technical Technical: You do not have to be a technical person and you do not need to know how to program. Just answer a few simple questions during setup.
Videos Videos: Help video available
Multiuser Multiuser: Yes, the Bad Bot exterminator can be used on multi user sites

Powerful Security and Anti Hacking Features
Lock Feature Lock Feature: You can lock up your WordPress site so that no one can log in. Brute force login hackers have failed after years of trying.
block hackers Block Hackers: Blocks all hackers to your WordPress website. It can also block unknown bots and hackers too. This means that those bots that will be developed in the future can be blocked too.
differentiates Differentiates
Real Visitors
Differentiate between real visitors and bots.
block by name Block by Name: Specify the name of the bot to be blocked
block by IP address Block by IP address: Many bots are cunning and that is why we block bad bots and hackers by an IP address or a range of IP addresses.
allow good bots Allow Good Bots: Yes, you can keep a white list of allowed good bots.
automated Automated: Every thing is automated for you and you do not have to do a thing. Just tell the Bad Bot Exterminator what type of website you are running and either take the default settings or customise it for your site.
DDos attakcs DDoS attacks: One of the best features is that the Bad Bot Exterminator is very effective against DDoS attacks. Most your visitors would not notice that your website is under a DoS or DDoS attack.
bot & proxies Bots & Proxies: Can now block bots and or proxies and or web crawlers.
cross scripting Cross scripting: Some types of cross scripting are blocked.
Visitor Stats Visitor Stats: Yes there are useful visitor statistics. You can see which of your web pages have the most visitors, by day, by month or for the whole year. That will give you an idea of what your visitors like.
referral stats Referral Stats: Yes there are referral statistics. If you are advertising and promoting your website on other sites or even Google Adwords, the referral statistics will show you who is bringing the most traffic to your site. The stats are shown by day, by month and for the whole year.
referral stats Security Levels: We have made it even easier to use with the Pro Version. There are 3 security levels :- Strict, Medium & Lenient. Strict and Medium levels are more stict on visitors but will only block bad bots for a day. The Lenient level is more lenient on visitors but keeps records of them and will block bad bots for 6 months or more.

Exciting new feature
Speed Testing
Speed Test Speed Test: It is wonderful, this new feature. You can now test the speed of your WordPress webpages. Amazing isn't it. This means you can pick and choose whether a particular theme or plugin is good for your website.

The SuperFast Cache WordPress plugin is included when purchasing the Bad Bot Exterminator Pro

We found this product to be so effective that we are planing to raise the price by US$10 per month to US$ 150/- by December 2021. For a short period of time, we are offering it at a very low initial price so that many bloggers could benefit from it.

Today I have peace of mind as I do not worry about whether my website is down or is it being attacked savagely. Let the hackers try what they want to do as the Bad Bot Exterminator is there to protect my WordPress website from hackers and nuisance bad bots. And I can track who is trying to attack my website and can block them.

Protect Your WordPress Websites at the heavily discounted price of only US$ 105. In the price will be US$ 150/-. It is a One Time License Fee with no annually recurring fees. Enjoy a 30 Day money back guarantee from the date of purchase. Isn't that Great?
Make sure you purchase your copy now as the price will go up by US$10 every month.
Included is the SuperFast Cache WordPress plugin for now


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