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Website Design and Development

We do website design and development at cost effective prices and provide web hosting facilities as we are resellers of a major British web hosting company. Your sites will have a more modern look as you can see from this site. This site has a static image on the other web pages. On this web page you will see a slide show as the first part of the webpage.

Your website

1. can be cached with our in-house developed SuperFast Caching Technology
2. can be protected from hackers with our Proprietary Anti Hacking Software.
3. can have visitor traffic tracking to know who is visiting your site
4. can have referral traffic tracking to know who is sending you visitors. Similar options are available for WordPress or custom designed PHP websites.

So at a glance you will see who your visitors are. Your site will have a faster response time to visitors and very little downtime as it will be almost immune to most hackers, DoS & DDoS attacks.

Please contact me at 6016-263 0358, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia or through my contact form


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