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I closed my crowd funding page as there are millions people looking for crowd funding. This means that crowd funding is not an effective way of rasising money for most of us.

When I made the above video, in November 2015, I had not developed The Bad Bot Exterminator into two versions. It was after about 5 1/2 years of development and testing, in 2018, that I decided to release a free version and the original version was renamed Pro version.

  1. The Bad Bot Exterminator Free Version
  2. The Bad Bot Exterminator Pro

I decided to release the free version as I know that many WordPress bloggers began with tight budgets. I too began with an extremly tight budget so I understand where many of you are comming from.

The free version is for bloggers to test out the Bad Bot Exterminator before upgrading to the Pro version.

  1. Minimal historical data kept to ensure good automatic house keeping on your website servers.
  2. No data on visitor statistics - visitor stats are very useful for checking which is your most popular and least popular web pages. This can be a good indication of what your readers are looking for.
  3. No data on referral statistics - referral stats are very useful to observe which site is bringing you referrals especially if you are advertsing your site. You will see which advertisment is bringing in the readers to your site.
  4. Some differences in the proprietary anti-hacking engine.
  5. Security Level in the Free version is 'STRICT'. The Pro version allows 'STRICT', 'MEDIUM' & 'LENIENT' security levels.
  6. The Pro version can run with the SuperFast Cache WordPress plugin. The free version does not have the accelerator to improve the performance of the SuperFast Cache plugin for WordPress.
  7. Future upgrades will be carried out on the Pro version only.

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