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What is dpaBadBotWP plugin

The Bad Bot Exterminator was developed to block hackers, scrappers, scanners, spiders and all sorts of creepy crawlies found on the internet.

Unfortunately the internet has become a very dangerous place. Our sites have been hacked too many times and are under daily onslaught from hackers. We get about 60 to 3000 daily attempts to login to our WordPress site and had it attacked 45,000 times in 24 hours in an attempt to bring about a Denial of Service to our genuine readers. Hackers have tried 28,000,000 times within 24 hours to login to our other site. These were the reasons we started to develop it sometime back in June 2013.

The Bad Bot Exterminator, protects your WordPress website in two ways

Firstly, you can lock up your WordPress site so that no one can login - including hackers. Secondly, it tracks all your visitors and tries to block suspicious bots.

Having succeeded in our quest to block hackers we developed a very convenient way to prevent the owner of the website from being not allowed to view his site. If you have a fixed IP address you can manually save it within the Bad Bot Exterminator program and it will always allow you to access your site. But what happens if you do not have a fixed IP address?

Many broadband ISP's change your IP address each time you access the internet. In order to cater for this group of users we developed a WordPress plugin, dpaBadBotWP that would automatically pick up your IP address, when you log into the WordPress Control Panel or Dashboard, and send it to the Bad Bot Exterminator. It does not access your database, it does not do anything else. It does not provide protection. Protection is provided by the Bad Bot Exteerminator itself. We named this plugin dpaBadBotWP because it is a WordPress plugin.

Very important to use dpaBadBotWP helper plugin

The WordPress plugin, dpaBadBotWP, has three important functions:-

1. To let the Bad Bot Exterminator know when you are logged into your WordPress dashboard

2. Stops WordPress core files automatic updates. This will prevent the Bad Bot Exterminator from being deactivated.

3. It will track anyone who tried to login. You will be able to see whether they managed to login and which webpages they visited.

How to install dpaBadBotWP plugin

Download the plugin to your PC, from the link given below:-

Download dpaBadBotWP now

Upload the zip file to your WordPress plugins directory. It should be similar to / directory. The most important is that it is /wp-content/plugins/. Upload the zip file to this directory and extract it. You will see a new directory here, /wp-content/plugins/dpabadbotWP/. All the files will be in this directory.

Having upload the plugin and extracted the contents of the zip file, log back into the WordPress Control Panel or DashBoard. On the left hand side menu you will see Settings Menu Option. In Settings you will see DpaBadBotWPMenu option. Click on DpaBadBotWPMenu Options and our form will appear.

Having clicked on DpaBadBotWPMenu, you will see the screen shown below.

Tracking valid users

dpabadbotwp plugin screen

dpabadbotwp plugin screen

There are two fields for you to enter data, the GMT time zone and the location of the Bad Bot Exterminator directory, .../dpabadbot/. The plugin tries to guess where the Bad Bot Exterminator is installed. If you are not sure then run the Bad Bot Exterminator program and under Setup > Setup Blog Security or Blog Upgrade Menu option, you will see where it is installed. Copy the directory path and paste it here, in the plugin. That is it. dpaBadBotWP plugin will automatically send your IP address to the Bad Bot Exterminator php program.

The other field is your local time offset to GMT or Time Zone. This value is required so that the time the IP addresses was used would be meaningful if you are not living in Britain.

Tracking logged in activity

dpabadbotwp plugin screen

Tracking logged in activity is a great feature to have. The table above shows which webpages you visited when you were logged into WordPress. It shows whether you were logged in or attmepted to login. Those who were able to login would have an ID >=1. If you were not able to log in your ID = 0. Therefore this information can be useful in tracking which pages a hacker who logged in, visited. The hackers cannot login into your webssite if you are using the Bad Bot Exterminator.

Download dpaBadBotWP the plugin now


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