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How to write a blog

Blog for money

So you think you are going to make a lot of money setting up your own blog? ... screechhhh ... get out of my car and out of my life. Everyone wants to make money; everyone wants to be a millionaire. If you came to my site to learn how to get rich quickly, stop right now and go find another website to read. There are many website that can promise you unbelievable amounts of income generation super slick techniques. Mine is not one of those con sites. I want to show you that blogging can be fun and very enjoyable. I want to show you how to blog. A good blogger can always monetize his site once it is popular.

Blog for fun

Ask yourself why do you want to blog. Some have strong opinions of certain topics, some love to write and others like to teach or it may be a nagging need to express yourself in this era of corporate TV where you keep getting the TV company's idea of the truth or lifestyle. It could be just the freedom of expression provided by the internet to vent your ideas and feelings.

Most of all make it fun and enjoyable otherwise there can be days or even months when you feel miserable about blogging. Those will be the days when you have a writer's block, the days when you just cannot get out of bed to say something interesting. When you are having fun blogging it will show in your writing and your visitors will get infected by the sense of fun you have. They will keep coming back to feed off your energy, your sense of play and fun. The whole world can collapse around you but be optimistic and it will show through your writings and you will have more visitors.

I began to blog, The Bread Diaries, because I had this strong urge to write. I was driven to write and I could not stop. I have been jotting down articles on pieces of paper ever since I could remember. The internet saved me as I could jot down my articles on a blog. I have a lot of fun blogging. If you have read my blog you will soon find out that I do have a sense of humor and can be quiet sarcastic at times. Sometimes you will have difficulty deciding whether I am joking or being serious and that is where the fun is for me.

To blog is to have passion

You must have passion. It's the driving force that keeps you writing until the wee hours of the morning when everyone is a sleep. Passion is the drive that keeps you going in the early days when no one is visiting your site, when no one knows you exists, when you cannot change the world. Don't give up. Giving up is easy but not for you as you have that burning fire in you that drives you crazy to write. That's passion. Develop that passion.

Develop your own blogging style

Every individual has their own style of writing. I have personally witnessed this characteristic in software programming. You can figure who wrote an article or software code just by their writing style. For this reason do not copy other peoples blogs as it will eventually show.

Blog from your heart and the words will eventually begin pouring out. As a beginner at blogging, you may find it difficult to write. Don't worry about that. Just keep trying, keep writing. Pretend you are talking to someone and write and the words will flow. That is the secret to writing a lot.

Draft out your articles and go back and correct any grammatical and spelling mistakes. Check that the information you are providing is correct or factual. Put your article down for a day or two and then come back and review it. Does it make sense? Does it sound good?

Readers will normally recommend a good article to others so do ensure your blog is full of quality articles that you have personally written.

A simple test to see if you can write and be a good blogger

Can you be a good blogger? How do you know that you can be a good blogger? After many years of writing and jotting things down I noticed that not everyone can write. I did notice that not everyone can read too. Can you be a good blogger?

This is a simple self-test to know if you can be a good blogger. When someone sends you an email how do you reply? Do you reply with one or two sentences? I have noticed lately, that some people in Malaysia can reply with half a sentence and think nothing of it. Or are you the type of person that replies with a 500 word paragraph, I mean you write a lot more than normally expected.

If you are the type that writes in broken sentences, stop here and give up any high ambitions of being a world famous blogger. Leave that for someone else or else the world will go to war over what you blogged about. You will achieve great heights and fame and fortune as a reader or visitor of other people's blogs. This is where your true calling lies - being a visitor of other people's blogs.

If you are the type of person that replies with one or two sentences then there may be hope for you. You will need a lot of practice writing. Practice writing longer and longer emails. If you find that no one emails you, you could always try emailing yourself and replying to your own emails. That may help.

If you are the type that replies emails with paragraphs and paragraphs of text, don't waste any time and sign up for my WordPress Plan. I need you ... actually, I need your money.

Let me put it another way. If a stranger asks you "How are you today? And you said "Fine." Don't come near a keyboard. Don't touch that keyboard for any reason.

If you had said "Yesterday I was a bit under the weather." I would suggest that you put your brain into gear to ensure you understand what people are saying and give your vocal cords a little more practice.

On the other hand if you had said "My God, I was driving to KL this morning and the traffic jam was horrific and it took me 2 hours to get to work. Then when I got to KL I could not find any parking space, only one where an idiot had parked half his car in one parking bay and the other half of his car in another bay. How lazy, sloppy and idiotic Malaysians are becoming. I am very frustrated. I think I want to migrate to China. There is plenty of parking there isn't there? And also pork is cheap in China. I must go to China and taste their pork especially the Szechwan cooking with the hot spicy chili dishes. Did you know that the price of pork in the Ukraine is the same price as in Malaysia? Come to think of it, do they need Indians in China? China passports and Malaysian passports are red in colour, right? Maybe I tell them I am Chinese and they will ... (20 minutes later) ... Oh My God, look at the time. I must go. Nice talking to you." Welcome to blogging. If you are like this person, please, please, sign up for the one of my hosting plans because you are going to be famous blogger and I have to host your blog.

Ideas for a blog

If you do not have any ideas for a blog sign up for my WordPress Plan and then think about it. Your best bet is to have a general blog and keep writing about whatever turns you on. Eventually, your blog will evolve into something beautiful ... just be patient.

Blog about common topics for common people because that is what attracts the average commoner. For example blog about gardening or your garden ... you live in an apartment? ... blog about the view from up there. No, seriously, you can blog about your in growing toe nail or how you overcame hernia. You could blog about a weekend chasing tornados and how you were taken for a ride. You could blog about your mother's and mother-in-law's cooking and start a war between the two of them. Life is interesting that way.

You could blog about how you are going to conquer the world, one square foot at a time. Since the earth is quite large describing each square foot in its own blog page will provide many blog pages of fun. You could blog about your travels. You don't need to actually travel around the world. All you need is to look up Google Maps and describe what you see. Have you seen the Great Pyramid of Giza? If you have been there, like me, in my dreams, you will know that there are rows and rows of terrace houses just next to the Great Pyramid. You didn't know that, did you?

You could blog about the latest gizmo, the ones that you could not afford to buy. You could blog about the latest elixir of youth as they are a dime a dozen and that should cover many pages of your blog. Just blog it.

What not to write

If you are an experienced blogger you will know from experience not to put expletives on your blog. Expletives are those four letter swearwords that a derogatory in nature. Many readers will be turned off by your blog. Furthermore, it shows your inability to hold a mature intellectual discussion. Don't condemn others or you will invite others to condemn you. Don't get personal when you are complaining about something or other. Not only you will hurt others feeling but you can open yourself up to expensive litigation. Don't be offensive too.

Try to be polite and calm about any criticism on your blog and delete unwanted and hurtful comments from your comments section. Leaving offensive and hurtful comments on your comments section can be construed as your tacit agreement with the commentator.

Place pictures in your blog

This is the age of multimedia and many people are attracted to pictures. Do place some pictures in your blog. It is easy to get pictures. If you have a camera phone then snap anything that catches you eye. Eventually you will have a collection of useful photos and will find some pictures in your collection that come in handy for you blog.

Most of all love what you do and do what you love. Just blog it.

This article How to begin a blog was researched and written by Peter Achutha, 13 Jan 2013

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