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Fictional Short Stories eBook: Perfect Love and Other Stories


Perfect Love short stories fiction love romance horror ghost humour funny

Fiction is the most bewildering invention of mankind. Its origins trace back to the times of Adam and Eve when they told stories of grandeur before their fall from grace. Not that grace has anything to do with fiction. I guess, since Adam and Eve were telling tall tales it was OK for my grandmothers to outdo them. It was from my grandmothers that I learned about fiction, short stories and tall tales. I found out that the shorter the stories are, the taller the tales become, especially when you have the attention span of a kid. Fortunately, none of my short stories begin with ‘Long, long time ago’ or ‘Once upon a time’ as that would be ancient history … during my grandmothers lifetime. My poor grandmothers must be turning in their graves – probably the reason why many of my short stories have a spin on them or a twist.  

Fiction and writer's block

Most of my short stories are very true … almost unbelievable. True to the letter of the word if not anything else. To tell you the truth, I really do not know when I learned to write fiction. It just happened, one day, while I was stuck with some mathematics and economics problems. In writing or good penmanship we would politely call it a writer’s block. Not in mathematics or economics. We just do not know how to be so darn polite and competent. We simply say we are stuck. Now I wonder how you can have good penmanship when you have a writer’s block. I think that’s fiction.  

The wonders of fiction

The wonder of fiction is that for the few minutes you are immersed in a short or long story, and you forget all your problems. It is almost as good as the night before a hangover. Fortunately, for you a good fictional short story can be re-read time and time again unlike that mug of beer you had last night. Hence I must encourage the use of fiction as a substitute for escaping life’s problems. I don’t mean fibbing about what you have done or didn’t do, I mean immersing yourself in a book of short stories or any other fiction.  

Such a book on short stories or fiction will provide you with adventures you could never dream of. It will take you around the word in less than 80 minutes. You can experience love, romance, horror, jealously, hatred, envy, greed, anger, poverty, and riches of this world without the indignation of loss, defeat or dire circumstances. Is fiction better than real life?  

Back to my short stories

Oh … where was I?  

Book of short stories

My stories are true fiction. They range from soppy mushy romances to ghost and horror stories. I even have some science fiction and ghost stories. Some are really funny fiction and others are horrid. Many have a moral behind the story … if you can find them. Most are set in Malaysia but there are some stories set in Japan, UK (...errr...almost partially ) and Singapore. Much of my fiction is twisted. You will know what I mean when you read the book. By the way, many of the stories are of mature content so I don’t think they are suitable for children under 16 years of age.

It is not easy to write fiction or short stories and it took me two years to write this book of short stories. There are varying definitions of short fiction or short stories but mine is the simplest. Short stories are written by authors who have a short attention space.

I tested out my short stories on friends and strangers before deciding to publish them hence they clearly have a reasonably high standard of narration … at least with respect to the people I tested them on. Actually, while I was field testing my short stories I found out that that the girls tended to cry but the guys tended to laugh at the stories. Are my stories so twisted that guys and gals see my stories from different points of view?

Furthermore, while I was promoting the book I noticed an interesting point of view among dating couples. Most partners among unmarried couples tend to exhibit different views. I found that the ladies tend to say that they have never tried prefect love whereas the men tend to say there is no such thing as perfect love. Interesting, isn't that; that the women are still hopeful about perfect love but the men had given up on perfect love. I didn’t have the heart to tell either the guys or the gals how my book, Perfect Love & Other Stories, ends.

The original version of this short stories book was printed as a softcover version with a different ISBN number. I have converted that to a downloadable version for sale here. If you would like to purchase the softcover book please contact me for pricing, shiping and delivery and do let me know in your address.

Contents of the downloadable short stories book - Perfect Love & Other Stories

There are 19 short stories in this book, Perfect Love & Other stories, ISBN 978-983-44525-5-1. The PDF book is A4 size 57 pages and the total word count is more than 23,000 words.

Content: Fiction - Love stories, humour or funny stories, science fiction stories, ghost stories, horror, horrid, torrid & horrible stories. (If you believed that, you will believe anything.)

Engrossing Short Stories for only US$ 3.50.


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